It was caught not taught

Ever caught yourself complaining about your kids? Or your staff? Either way, I'm happy to tell you that its probably your fault. YES I said YOU. In my business we've always had a coaching culture that includes mantra's like "train them, don't blame them." Easier said than done that's for sure! The easier option of... Continue Reading →

A lesson from Shrek

“Don’t do it Fiona!” I’m yelling at my TV, as princess Fiona is about to marry Lord Farquaad. I can’t believe it’s happening, has she forgotten everything Shrek has done? I mean can’t she see what I see? Just as all hope is lost and the feeling in our lounge room is dark, there's a... Continue Reading →

The wee at Woolworths

“It will only take 5 minutes,” “it will be good to get her out of the house.” I was trying to convince myself that taking Nala with me to the grocery store would be a good idea. After all I wanted to give Megan 5 minutes to herself after another testing day with a two... Continue Reading →

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