First I’m Dad, then there’s everything else. I was 23 years old and had been running a successful sales company for the last two years when my world took a huge turn. I was in Sydney visiting my first attempted expansion on my entrepreneurial journey. The phone rang and I was excited to see my partners name on the screen knowing that whatever challenges I was currently facing they would be wiped away by whatever joy she was about to bring me. Within 5 seconds of answering, it was clear the conversation was heading in a different direction to what I had imagined. “I think I’m pregnant” she said. I’m not sure why, but in the very moment she said those words I knew they were true. Megan hadn’t taken a pregnancy test yet, but something in my stomach told me that this was real. And since I’m writing this blog you guessed it, it was. The following 6 months were some of the most stressful ones I can remember as I geared up to get myself and my business ready for the responsibilities of parenthood. I remember clearly the ‘noise’ around me at that time. People would say things like, “you’ll have to change everything now you’re a Dad,” “you can’t run a business and be a good parent,” “how will you possibly manage both?” It seemed everywhere I looked, hitting my professional goals and my family goals couldn’t coincide together. The beauty of Entrepreneurship however, is that the term itself encompasses problem solving. All great business’s and great business people have been great problem solvers. With that in mind I made a firm decision that I could have both. Since that phone call I’d like to say I’ve succeeded in this mission. If it counts for anything I have continued to grow my business into an industry leader that’s generated hundreds of millions of dollars for clients, started and purchased additional business’s and consult to many other business owners across broad sectors. More importantly, our family photo’s have continued to crow as well. I’m incredibly proud of the business’s I have created, far more proud of the family we have built and my pinnacle is that I have proven the naysayers wrong and done both. I’ve created this blog to give personal insight and empowerment to business people and parents that don’t want to accept that being a parent means you need to lose yourself. You can have both and my goal is to show you how.

This site, whilst currently not my primary focus will slowly develop with an end goal of becoming a platform for parents and business people to find tools, stories and resources that can help them be their best at home and in business so that they too can have both.

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